RESOURCE links   

The Bible Project

Okay, this isn’t a church…but it is an amazing resource of video explorations of books of the Bible as well as the major themes of Scripture. It is a very helpful online tool for familiarizing yourself with the Bible.


Bethel Church, Redding CA

Bethel Church is a kingdom focused, Spirit-led revival community. The Bethel teaching team brings kingdom teaching that closely matches many of the values we carry here at Cariboo Bethel.

The Meeting House, Oakville ON

Bruxy Cavey is an amazing teacher leading a very innovative multi-site, home church based community. His teachings are based in Anabaptist biblical theology.


IHOPKC, Kansas City, MO

Mike Bickle and the ministry of IHOPKC carries many of the foundational values that led to revival in our church years ago. Mike continues to inspire with kingdom centered teaching.


Craig Groeschel shares inspiring messages that deliver practical truth you can apply right into your life as a follower of Jesus.

Mosaic Church, L.os Angeles, CA

Erwin Raphael McManus is the founding pastor of Mosaic

Church and one of the most inspiring teachers and authors alive today.  Be ready to be motivated!