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Dave & Louise SP
Dave and Louise are mentoring and training pastors and cell church leaders in Thailand. They are involved in: Bethel Church, House of Hope, Lighthouse, House of Grace, and other cell churches.
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Tony & Sarah Brown
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We are from Williams Lake, BC, and have been on a journey toward long-term mission for many years. God has been doing a work in us as we have pursued this call, drawing us closer to him and empowering us by his Spirit to live faithfully. Our passion is discipleship and seeing people‚Äôs lives transformed as they follow Jesus or meet him for the first time. We invite you, new friends and old, to walk with us as we adventure into new territory. We are preparing for long-term service in Panama. 
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Esther Corbett
Esther works with the Lead Team in the area of intercessory prayer. She is also involved in teaching on prayer, and the development of prayer and prophetic ministry.
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 Wendy Clarke
Wendy has joined the Intercession Resource Team, which is led by Esther Corbett. This team works together with short-term and long-term missionaries to help strengthen the value of prayer and intercession in mission.
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Luke Noble
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Luke has been serving at IRIS Global in Mozambique. He has been leading schools and groups of people on outreach and also mentoring during the school year! Luke has loved growing in his walk with God and learning to hear his voice. 
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 Andrew Gossen
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Andrew has been serving at YWAM Kings Lodge in England for the last year and a half! Andrew believes life is to be lived in its fullness and that can only come through knowing Jesus Christ.This has brought him to join as staff in YWAM. Andrew will be serving in maintenance and whatever else comes his way!
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Zach Zwiers
Zach is serving with YWAM in Amsterdam making videos for the base there. He believes that the Lord is working in the cities, so that’s what brought him to Amsterdam. Zach lives a life of freedom in relationship with Jesus and does what he can to share that freedom and love with those around him.
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