Tap The Brakes

This time of year is always a bit busier than usual. Everyone seems to be living past the normal speed limits of daily life. When I was younger I liked to drive fast. I could tell when I was driving way too fast when the hydro poles seemed to blur together next to the country roads where I grew up. Time to ease up on the accelerator and tap the brakes until those poles were poles again instead of smudges rushing by.

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Foundations for Identity

Here is the latest Parson’s Pen from pastor Jeremy: 

We are living in an age of radical self-definition.  Cultural and societal mores and norms have (sometimes rightfully) been called into question, and self-definition has swept our global culture. Each person has increasing opportunity to define ‘self’ according to a highly internalized sense of what ‘self’ means.  Our world has awakened to a radical sense that “I, and I alone, shall choose who I am, who I will love and how people will identify me.” Read more…

YOU Belong

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I thought I’d share a few thoughts about membership in a blog.  But first, let me make a confession here in writing. I have not always been a believer in the concept of local church membership.  Read more…

Got Baptism?

By Pastor Jeremy Vogt


On Sunday, April 5th (Resurrection Sunday) we will be celebrating baptism with 7 folks at Cariboo Bethel.  Baptism Sundays are (to me) the most precious and siginificant moments in our life together as a church family.  It is difficult to top the privilege of hearing the story of someone’s encounter with God’s grace through Jesus Christ. And that moment of baptism, when a person is dunked in water and symbolically immersed in Christ’s death and resurrection—Wow!
Yet some may wonder why we practice baptism at all. We don’t believe that baptism has any saving power, so why do we bother?  Isn’t baptism just an old fashioned religious ritual with little significance to our actual Christian life? And why would we waste a perfectly Good Easter Sunday with testimonies and baptisms?  Wouldn’t it be better to have a nice Easter pageant or an extra inspirational sermon?

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About Our New Website

Hello Cariboo Bethel!  Well, we waited a long time, watching our sad dead website sit there, never changing, totally useless except for sermon audio.  Well, the waiting is coming to an end.  We have purchased a subscription to a new Christian based website company called Sharefaith.  Through Sharefaith we will not only have a cool, functional website, but also a Cariboo Bethel Church App for your phone or device.  The App is in development and should be available within a month or two. 

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Difficulties in Joshua

Difficulties with Joshua

There are many difficulties for a contemporary reading of the story of Joshua. We exist in a certain culture, with certain values and sensibilities about what is good and civilized and right. I don’t want to try and solve all of these problems this morning, because others will address these issues as they come up chapter by chapter. But since we are launching into this book together I thought I should say something to create a framework.

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