About Our New Website

Hello Cariboo Bethel!  Well, we waited a long time, watching our sad dead website sit there, never changing, totally useless except for sermon audio.  Well, the waiting is coming to an end.  We have purchased a subscription to a new Christian based website company called Sharefaith.  Through Sharefaith we will not only have a cool, functional website, but also a Cariboo Bethel Church App for your phone or device.  The App is in development and should be available within a month or two. 

The website itself isn’t completely finished or filled yet, but we will be adding more content, links and features as we go.  We are working hard to make this website your go to resource for staying connected with life at Cariboo Bethel. 

Many of the links are live on the website right now, so please click around!  Bible passages are linked to Biblehub. Leaders can be contacted via email by clicking on the contact links. The banners on the front page are all linked to other resources.  Explore, enjoy!

Many of the banners and sidebars are currently stock photos from Sharefaith. However, you will notice that some are familiar. You can help us ensure that our website is truly a reflection of life at Cariboo Bethel and in the Cariboo region. Maybe  you have artistic photos, local nature photos or other photos that relate to Cariboo Bethel or our region.  If you are willing to submit them for use on the website, please contact Pastor Jeremy or just put the photos on a USB stick and pass them along to him when you see him. 

We need folks who are willing to help with continued creative website development, and we also need folks who are willing to help keep the website current.  If you are interested in serving our church family this way, please contact Pastor Jeremy or Linda at the church office. 

Finally, our desire is to build and maintain a website that all of us will be proud to refer our friends and neighbors to.  We want your feedback and input on ways that we can make the website more useful, user friendly and attractive.  You may have encountered the ultimate website feature recently.  We’d like to know what that is so we can try to incorporate it into ours.  Feel free to send us an email.

Thanks for visiting our website.